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Alkor Draka BV
The Netherlands
and Italy
Alkor Draka SAS
and Italy
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 50 years<br /> of experience in films Quality control is <br /> our top priority We offer a wide variety <br />
of colours, textures and prints

    Alkor Draka

    Alkor Draka is a producer of polymer films, meeting the needs of a broad range of industries and applications, in various markets.

    We have a production plant and sales office in the Netherlands and a sales office in Italy.

    Latest news from Alkor Draka

    NEW: Shiny zebra design

    Published on: 04 November 2016 This special version of a zebra print is really something else. A subtle modern design on a reptile-like emboss, with a playful metallic ink: the ideal combination to make very ...

    NEW: trendy light metallic range

    Published on: 04 November 2016 Xevron: A beautiful fresh print with a light metallic touch.  The print comes to life with the fish grate motif. The image is seen in many varieties at the major trend- ...

    Supporting VinylPlus

    Published on: 18 November 2015 Alkor Draka supports and funds VinylPlus, which is an important initiative driven by the whole value chain of PVC in Europe.
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